IBRA Charter

Clean Boating Charter

The cruise hire industry appreciates the importance of a clean environment for its continued sustainability and actively seeks to promote and support clean boating policies. The following Clean Boating Charter has been developed to identify and promote best environmental practice in the cruising industry. Where this Charter is displayed, best environmental practice is being implemented. 

  1. All boats are fitted with holding tanks for waste-water and boat users will always be directed to pump out at shore based facilities and not overboard. 
  2. Recycling of waste should be encouraged on-board and bins for the separation of recyclable material should be provided for this. Boat users can  dispose of the segregated waste at our shore-based recycling facilities. 
  3. Eco-friendly (phosphate free) detergents and soaps for washing up, general cleaning and personal hygiene will be provided on board as part of the rental package. 
  4. Only anti-fouling (biocides) or maintenance products which best respect the environment will be used for the maintenance of boats.
  5. When carrying out maintenance works, all residue and wash down will be prevented from entering waterways by using a skirt or a bunded area or choosing a marina with a facility which collects maintenance waste. 
  6. Hulls should be cleaned regularly to avoid the transfer of non-native species through waterways and to maintain engine and fuel efficiency. 
  7. Tanks should only be filled using equipment and systems designed to avoid spillage. Necessary specialist pollution control equipment will be provided at all bases in the unlikely event of a spillage. 
  8. All engines should be well tuned and serviced regularly.
  9. Drip pans should be installed under all equipment which may leak. 
  10. All boats should be fitted with bilge cleaners to prevent oily water from entering the waterways.
  11. All hazardous waste generated on board (e.g. batteries, anti-freeze, used oil and oil filters, oil absorbents etc) should be contained in proper hazardous waste bins and disposed of by a suitably licensed waste contractor’s. 
  12. Best environmental practice will be communicated to customers through the promotion of Good Boating Tips for boat users.