Sustainable Tourism

Irish Boat Rental Association members all subscribe to the concept of sustainable tourism to ensure that your Shannon experience will embody the highest standards of environmental care and conservation. By following an ecosystem approach to the development of our businesses we will establish a sustainable tourism approach to be followed by all of our members. 

The ecosystem approach, based on the three pillars of sustainability, economic, environmental and social, will inform our decision making in how we develop the cruise hire industry in the future.  Sustainable tourism requires that all decisions be based on Nature, Human Interaction, Social and Management. Nature: to ensure we regenerate the natural asset, reduce our carbon footprint and actively engage in rewilding. Human Interaction: to ensure that all of our staff are empowered to engage with our customers and to have empathy with our product and the environment. Social: to engage with the community and to build trust and credibility for our product. Management: to provide effective management to reduce costs through efficient operations and encourage less wear and tear and to protect our environment for the greater good of the community and our customers. 

The Shannon Tourism Masterplan calls for an ambitious plan for the future development of the region by enhancing the biodiversity, the rewilding of the bogs and the wetlands of the Shannon catchment area and the establishment of new eco-tourism products. 

The cruise hire industry will play a substantial role in this development and a process of fleet renewal is in place. We are currently conducting research into eco-friendly boats, hybrids and pure electric. Most of this technology is relatively new and in various stages of development but we are anxious to move forward as quickly as we can to make all of our vessels green as possible. We will be experimenting in the short term with biodiesel and more effective photovelectric cells and more efficient batteries. The Irish boat Rental Association introduced a Clean Boating Charter to ensure that our fleet is as green and eco-friendly as possible.